Unfortunately, the vast population of women are still intimidated by the gym and the idea of lifting heavy weights.  During a cardio workout, they may burn a few hundred calories and possibly more in circuit training, but these training methods won’t reshape their body like lifting weights would do. For a complete body transformation, women need to use some iron, not something lighter than their handbag.

Here are a few facts that all women who train or think to start training should take into consideration.

  • You won’t get too muscular.

You will never end up looking like those massive females bodybuilders because females don’t have enough testosterone like men have to bulk up.

A woman who is more muscular than a regular gym user is taking a pharmaceutical cocktail with at least some growth hormone.

  • You will lose more weight.

Weight training will increase the amount of muscle in your body. This will help to decrease your body fat percentage and improve your overall body composition.

according to studies, after several months of resistance training, most women will experience a 20-40 % increase in muscle strength.

  • Your metabolic rate will be higher.

When you’re training with heavy weights, the intensity level will be higher and this will lead to tiny muscular tears throughout the body. You will burn more calories after the workout in order to repair those tiny tears. This way you’re increasing the basal metabolic rate (BMR) – the calories you’re burning when you rest.

It’s important to have an eye on the calories that you’re eating, but more important is to have a hormonal balance. Things like stress and sleep have no caloric number, but a heavy metabolic impact and this is why most women are over-stressed and under-restored.


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