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“Nothing  is  ever  hard  if  you  really  want  it.”


Founder of "Training for Acro"


"Training for Acro"Method

Get better at acrobatics by training the body to be stronger, more flexible, have a better balance and coordination.
I believe training should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of the experience or gym access.
With "Training for Acro" I aim to cover your training needs entirely and provide you with different options so you will always have something to choose from.

Tudor Sirbu, World Champion Coach with Team England ParaCheer


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Warm up drills

Bodyweight training


Weight Training

Home workouts

Strength training

Injury prevention

Balance training


Mobility drills


“Training for Acro” App

The exercise library contains a dozen of exercises to chose from in order to improve your strength, power and flexibility.

Home exercises

A selection of body-weight exercises to do at home or when you’re travelling.

Gym exercises

The most effective exercises to do when you have access to the gym.

mobile app

Take your programme with you wherever you go. Track your progress on the go.

Meal plans

Individualised guidance
to suit your training style and aid post-workout recovery.
“One of my greatest joys is to see my clients getting better and better. I want to help them exceed their expectations and achieve even more than that. All while realising that everything is possible.”



Tudor has a great manner and has great dedication and commitment to his teaching. I’ve improved my hand to hand, both low and high and I managed tricks that I thought would be impossible.

Shena Grigor

Exercise Yoga Teacher

Trust, drills, attention to detail. I feel are important in acrobatics. All of which Tudor fulfils… trust as a spotter, focuses on what needs immediate attention, progressive drills… obviously with a dash of playfulness.

Maria Overtoom Hattori

Personal Assistent

Training with Tudor is always a delight, he’s an amazing spotter, a very stable base than some very successful professionals from the old generation. Also, he has a good eye for detail.

John Foster

IT Consultant

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