Learn about the “Training for Acro” Method and get better at acrobatics using bodyweight and partner exercises.


The plan of

the session


The private session starts with a specific set of questions about what you would like to learn.

After a specific warm-up, there is an assessment of the current level then we proceed with movement drills.

Using on-site video analyses and instant streaming tools, the learning process will be superior to the conventional method.

Injury prevention

Learn how to avoid common injuries in acrobatics and recover from the old ones.


Achieve a better range of motion in your joints, reduce the tightness in your muscles and have a better posture.


Improve all three types of strength needed in partner acrobatics: static, explosive and dynamic strength.


Master the ability to move your body in a smooth and efficient way, having better control of your body.


Sustain the physical effort for longer, avoid muscle fatigue and improve your stamina.

Follow up

Online Support

The private session ends but not the support.

The next day you will have access to the most important exercises from the session so you can train immediately.

After one week there will be a follow-up to check the progress and after one month we will check again in order to set new movement goals.



One day after the session

List of videos with the most important drills from the session.

One week after the session

Follow-up regarding the progress made using the drills from the session.

One month after the session

Final follow-up in order to check the progress and set new goals.


Coaching sessions

The private (in-person) sessions are available around Lisbon, Portugal.

If you are based on a different location or prefer an online session, you can book an Online Consultation call.

The call is about one hour long and available worldwide.

Follow-up sessions available after the Consultation Call.

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