In the last weeks I’ve been doing a full-body workout, three times a week, with one or two days for resting after each workout.

When I designed the program I had two main goals in my mind:

  • improving fast-twitch muscle development;
  • increasing muscle endurance with extended times under tension.

Those who know me know that I love training with heavy weights but also I like to do a lot of exercises to develop explosive power (box jumps, plyometric push-ups, muscle ups etc.) so why don’t combine them?

The following program is not recommended if you have any problems with your joints and can be very hard if you’re not choosing a weight appropriate to your fitness level. To avoid injuries, focus on the quality of the movement first, then on the quantity.

If you want to try something challenging this training routine can be what you are looking for.


The first complex of exercises targets the legs with a superset of four squat variations:

  1. Barbell Front squat – take the bar off the rack with a clean grip (preferably) and squat deep. After 5 reps put the bar back and change its placement (or do a push press and place the bar behind the neck)
  2. Barbell Jump squat – place the bar on your back (traps), squat down then lift it up as fast as possible in order to create enough momentum and jump off the floor; land first on your toes and absorb the shock with your legs without rounding the spine(!)
  3. Barbell Back squat – the transition is easy – the same movement , except the jump.
  4. Jump squat – after placing the bar back on the rack, squat all the way down then jump and land softly into another squat.

All the above exercises should be realized using a fast tempo(10×0) in order to develop explosiveness for jumping. To read more about tempo, you can find more here(link will open in a new tab).

The second superset of the workout contains two chest exercises: press and fly.

  1. Bench press –  load a barbell with a weight that allows you to do 15-20 reps . For the first five repetitions of each set the tempo is 4010, followed up by 10×0 that means to move the weight as fast as possible.
  2. Chest fly – have prepared two dumbbells that weight 25% (each) of the weight used on the previous exercise. Use the same tempo – 4010 for the first five reps then speed it up a bit (if you can).

The third superset of this program targets the pulling muscles, back (lats) and biceps.

  1. Chin up – use a straight bar with palms facing you.  Initiate the movement with the back muscles and finish with the head above the bar. Extend all the way down and repeat.
  2. Alternating biceps curls – this exercise should be performed with a medium weight that allows you to finish all the repetitions without compromising the proper form.

The “Super Twenty” training programme


Warm up:

Dynamic stretching exercises

8-12 reps of every exercise with a light weight



Five sets of 5 reps on each exercise with  120 seconds rest:

A1. Barbell Front squats

A2. Barbell Jump squats

A3. Barbell Back squats

A4. Jump squats


Five sets of 10 reps on each exercise with 90-120 seconds rest:

B1. Bench press

B2. Chest flies


Five sets of 10 reps on each exercise with  60 – 90 seconds rest:

C1. Chin ups

C2. Bicep curls


Warm down

Light cycling/rowing for 10 minutes.

Static stretching exercises for all the major muscles.



  • Do five sets of each complex (A,B,C) with one-two minutes for resting after every set.
  • Move to the next complex only after you finish five sets.
  • For the A1, A2, A3 use a weight that allows you to do at least 20 repetitions on back squat.
  • After each set of chest exercises(B1, B2) I recommend some external rotations with an elastic band.
  • The biceps curls should be done with  the back resting against a wall in order to eliminate any swinging movement.



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