Handstand Conditioning

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4 weeks of online training

You can start or pause it anytime.

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Get better at acrobatics by training the body to be stronger, more flexible, have a better balance and coordination.
  • Handstand conditioning to improve your core and upper body strength with dedicated workouts.
  • Train your entire core with specific exercises for handstands.
  • Develop a better handstand line using mobility and proprioception drills.
I believe training should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of the experience or gym access.
With “Training for Acro” I aim to cover your training needs completely and provide you with different options so you will always have something to choose from.

1 review for Handstand Conditioning

  1. Kristine Homoki

    This training is just great. There’s tons of workouts covering warm up, strength training, flexibility and just lots of getting upside down. Because the workouts are scheduled, you get into a routine and get really disciplined about your training, yet it’s also flexible in that it allows you to train at your own time, choose how much or how little you want want to do, move things around, etc. It helped me a lot in jumping straight into handstands in the middle of the room. Highly recommended!

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