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This challenge will help you better understand the press to handstand movement and help you achieve it or at least, bring you way closer to it.

To press to handstand requires a combination of strength, flexibility and coordination. That said, it can still be achieved even if one of those three components needs more work than the others.

With the right approach and as long as you’re willing to put in the work, you can make this the next progression on your handstand journey.

At the end of this challenge, your handstands will be way better and you will find it easier to keep your balance.

Tudor Sirbu

Founder of Training for Acro

The plan

Your journey during the challenge

First week

Initial assessments 

During the first week, we will be doing a set of assessments to evaluate the current level.

Week 2, 3 & 4

Focused Training

(3 weeks)

The second phase of this challenge will span three weeks and will get you well on the way to achieving your immediate goals – the ones set out as a result of the first week’s assessments.

Week 5 & 6
Specific Training
(2 weeks)

The third phase of this challenge will help you get used with the press movement using specific drills based on your evolution until this point.

Week 7 & 8
Final weeks 
(2 weeks)

During the last two weeks, we will address the last details of your press to handstand. If you already got the Straddle press to handstand, we will focus on the next press variations: Tuck, Pike or Stalder (from L sit).


Workouts and Press drills


This challenge gives you access to dedicated workouts to improve your arm, shoulder and core strength.

It also provides various specific press drills that will improve not only your understanding of the required movement but also get you stronger in a fun way.



What you have to do in order to make this movement happen.


The confidence that you won’t hurt yourself during this movement or any other inversions.


Improve your wrist, shoulder and leg flexibility.


Improve your arm, shoulder and core strength.


Learn how to hold a handstand without any help.


Dedicated Facebook group

Surrounding yourself with people who share the same goal will help you stay on track. Sharing your evolution with us is optional but highly recommend. Submitting your videos can also be done privately and get personalised tips to ensure your progress.


Nutritional guidance

You are what you eat and by consuming the right food, you can achieve your goals faster.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to follow a particular diet. Instead, we will work together on setting up some healty habits that will sustain your levels of activity better.


Weekly progress checks

In order to keep you on track, you will have to submit at least once a week a video with your progress.

The idea is to be consistent with your training and this way, great things will happen.

1-2-1 Coaching

Private coaching 

Got a question about your training?

You can reach out to me anytime and address your questions and I’ll do my very best to give you the answers you seek.

More info

Here are some frequently asked questions

When does the challenge start and finish?

The challenge is starting after your application is being accepted and we arranged the last details.

Once we start working together, it will last for 8 weeks.

Do I need to follow a training schedule?

No, there is no fixed schedule to follow.

Your training schedule will be based on your current commitments (work, other hobbies, travelling etc).

Can I pause my training during these 8 weeks?

Absolutely, you can pause the training and resume it whenever is convenient for you.

For the best results, I recommend constant practice during this challenge.

Do I need access to a gym?

No, all of the main exercises require only your bodyweight, some floor space and a wall.

Sometimes you will need to rest your feet on a box but you can use a chair or a sofa for that.

Can I join the challenge if I can't hold a handstand yet?

Yes, if you can’t hold a handstand yet, this challenge will help you improve that too.

Your balance will improve significantly and you will hold handstands for longer.

How much does it costs?
More information about the investment required for this challenge will be offered after your application is accepted.


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