📅 Date: 13th of April, from 10am 🏤 Location: Yogavitamines Porto City Centre, 270 from Clérigos Church
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“Training for Acro Method” for Handstand and Inversion Training
First workshop: 🔸Handstand Training for all levels 🕐10 – 1pm (3 hours) – EUR 25 The 5 modules of handstand training: 1. Strength for shoulders, core and legs 2. Flexibility for wrists, shoulders and hips 3. Balance training: standing and inverted 4. Breathing techniques: chest and abdominal 5. Recovery: active and passive recovery
Second workshop: 🔸 Inversions on people 🕔2:30pm – 5:30pm (3 hrs) – EUR 25 Take your inversion practice to the next level by balancing on people:
  • hand and shoulder support,
  • handstand on two bases,
  • handstand on the back,
  • hand to hand.
Both flying and basing aspects, different entries and exits, alignment and techniques for a safe exit. No partner needed, only the desire to have fun upside down.
All levels welcomed, there will be progressions and regressions for each exercise. The workshop will start with a specific warm-up and at the end, there will be a guided cool-down session focused on self and partner massage and stretching.

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