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With Elisa and Tudor


This is for anyone wanting to improve their acro skills. We will refine your existing L-basing and standing techniques using different drills and cues.

Suitable for intermediate level, no partner needed.

Pre-requisites: Two High (either base or flyer) with spotters;
30 seconds of handstand hold against (facing) the wall.


The workshop is intermediate level; no need to come with a partner.

Pre-requisites: Bases and flyers must be comfortable in a two-high (with spotters);
30-second handstand hold with support (facing the wall).

€35 online, €40 at the door
€25 if you’ve attended a previous workshop
€25 when you register with a friend (mates rates ticket)


📅 Date: 10th of November (Sunday)

🕐11am – 2pm (3 hours)

🏤 Location: ATLANTIS


€35 single ticket online, €40 at the door (un-announced)

€25 (discounted) if you’ve attended a previous workshop

€25 when you register with a friend (bring a friend ticket)

Ticket options
I've been to your previous workshop, what ticket should I get?

Make sure you select the “Discounted Ticket” option when you get yours.

What do I need to bring with me?

I would recommend wearing comfortable clothes. If the weather allows, we will be jamming outside so, you can bring an extra layer if you think you will be cold.

I got a ticket but I can't come anymore, what should I do?

If you have a ticket (or two) and you can’t come anymore, please use the Facebook event page to see your ticket. Also, you can send a message and we will help you.

I am new to acro, is this workshop good for me?

As long as you can do the pre-requisites, you are more than welcome to come to the workshop regardless of when you started.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you can just bring yourself. No partner needed.

In what language will be the workshop?

This workshop will be taught in English but if you want to bring a friend who needs some translation at some point, just let us know and we can use Spanish as well.

What's going to be the level of the workshop?

The level of the workshop is going to be suitable for all levels, as long as you can do the pre-requisites.


The workshop starts in...








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