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What people are saying

"If you want to get functionally strong for your acro Tudor is your man.

He understands the body very well and will greatly accelerate your effectiveness in your acro journey"

Jesse Saunders, AcroYoga and Yoga Teacher

"Tudor has really helped me increase my fitness and strength greatly. He's changed my training system to be incredibly focused on what I need to continue my sport most effectively which has also streamlined my gym time and given me more space in my day to work. He's also been an excellent support for the National Cheerleading team that part of and I couldn't recommend him more! If you want to be better at lifting and throwing people, look no further."

Rick Rodgers, ParaCheer International CIO

"Tudor is really good in what he is doing! He understands body movement, muscle and body reaction and therefore can easily correct things to help you to achieve your goal.
Also, patient, supportive and meeting well your needs in training. Importantly, he builds up progressively your skills and gives good drills for self-training. Highly recommend! "

Justyna Rybicka, Consultant Cardiologist

Excellent stuff, put together by an expert!

"Training with Tudor is always a delight, he's an amazing spotter, a very stable base than some very successful professionals from the old generation. Also, he has a good eye for detail. Excellent stuff, put together by an expert. "

John Foster, IT Consultant

"Very happy about the work Tudor is doing. Acro is fun but if you want to get better at it, you need to build up strength and work on specific skills. Personally, I really struggled to fit more oriented acro exercises into my routine, not having any sort of related background. Tudor is really an expert on this, whether you are a flyer or a base, it gives such amazing guidance. More people like Tudor please!"

Marta Venanzi, PhD student in Astrophysics

"Excellent at breaking down exercises and providing progressions so it is accessible for all levels. Trust, drills, attention to detail. I think that all are important in acrobatics and Tudor fulfils... trust as a spotter, focuses on what needs immediate attention, progressive drills... obviously with a dash of playfulness."

Maria Overtoom Hattori, Personal Assistent

"Tudor is an excellent teacher. He is patient, kind and very knowledgable. I came into acrobatics quite late in life but he spent time explaining things very clearly to me without being condescending. I've improved my hand to hand, both low and high and I managed tricks that I thought would be impossible. Tudor has a great manner and has great dedication and commitment to his teaching."

Shena Grigor, Exercise Yoga Teacher

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