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What you get by registering

Here are some of the benefits you get as a member when you register.


Access to Courses

Each membership allows you access to our online courses.

Exercise videos

You will have access to different exercises videos.

Online Challenges

Join any of the 10-Day Challenges (on Facebook).

Memberships for “TfA” Courses

Scroll down see what you get on each type of the membership.

Basic membership

Access to basic lessons

You will have access to the first lesson of each course. 

10-Day Challenges

Be the first to find out about the new “Training for Acro” challenges.

10% Discount

This membership offers you 10% discount at workshops.

Premium membership

Full access to all the lessons

You will have unlimited access to the all the lessons of each course. 

Workout Videos

Access workout videos that you can play while training.

Support during every TfA 10-day Challenge

Keep track of your progress during our popular 10-Day Challenges.

Online consultation

Find out what are your most important training needs. 

"Training for Acro" app trial

Get to try our dedicated mobile app for 7 days.

20% Discount

This membership offers you 20% discount at workshops.

Client membership

Access all the courses plus bonus lessons

As a client you will get bonus lessons on each course.

Individualised workouts

Achieve your goals faster with individualised workouts.

Daily check-in during your training

Your progress can be monitored daily at your request.

Online assessments

Find out your strengths and what needs to be improved.

Standard access to the "TfA" app

You will have daily access the training app.

30% Discount

This membership offers you 30% discount for workshops.

Membership F.A.Q.  

Find out more about TfA memberships

If you got a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch 


How does the 7 day trial work?

When you register for a Premium Membership, you will have access to the “Training for Acro” app for 7 days. You can start that period anytime or pause the access if you want. 


Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. You can cancel or pause your membership anytime. Optionally, if you want to downgrade your membership you can do that easily from your account. 


How much time can I spend on a course?

Learn at your own pace, there is no time limit to finish the course. Some courses will have new lessons added on and you can spend as much time as you want when going through the material.


Can I start two courses in the same time?

Yes, you can start as many courses as you want at the same time. The material is constantly updated and you can browse through the courses and start any of the lessons.


How often the new content is released?

During the next few months, there will be new content released every week. This includes new lessons on the existing courses and also new categories of courses.


What if I get stuck on a lesson?

No problem, you can get some more help to get through the lessons if you have a Client membership. The online assessments will help you find out what needs to be improved. 

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