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Handstand Variations

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Lesson 1: Basic Handstand Variations

In this lesson, you will find out more about the handstand variations, how to start training for them and how to use them in your handstand practice.

6 chapters, 7 minutes read

Lesson 2: Straight Line Handstand

Discover the reasons behind developing a straight line handstand and why this is the most important shape you should train for when doing handstands.

5 chapters, 9 minutes read

Lesson 3: Straddle Leg Handstand

This variation is very similar to the straight line but sometimes it’s done wrong. Learn to avoid common mistakes when training for straddle handstands.

5 chapters, 9 minutes read

Lesson 4: Tuck Handstand

In this lesson you can find out more about the tuck handstand. This might look simple but actually, it’s actually challenging. 

5 chapters, 9 minutes read

Lesson 5: Pike Handstand

Learn about the pike handstand in this final lesson of the series. This variation requires more of everything – strength, flexibility and balance.

5 chapters, 12 minutes read

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