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Handstand Training

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Lesson 1: The basics

In this lesson, you will find out the importance of the handstand practice and how to start training for a better handstand.

6 chapters, 11 minutes read

Lesson 2: Strength Training

Discover the reasons behind developing more strength, the types of strength and how to develop arms, shoulders and core strength.

6 chapters, 11 minutes read

Lesson 3: Flexibility Training

In this lesson, you can find out the reasons behind developing more range of motion and learn how to improve your shoulders, hips and leg flexibility for handstands. 

6 chapters, 10 minutes read

Lesson 4: Balance Training

Read about the categories of balance, how we naturally balance while standing and how to apply the same mechanism to handstands. 

6 chapters, 11 minutes read

Lesson 5: Breathing Training

In this lesson, you will learn about the advantages of proper breathing during handstand and how to breathe using your diaphragm while upside down.

4 chapters, 8 minutes read

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