Embark on a six-week journey towards a better you. This training plan has four phases and each one of them has a different objective. Click here to find out more…

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“Training for Acro”

6 weeks plan

Get better at acrobatics by training the body to be stronger, more flexible, have a better balance and coordination.

I believe training should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of the experience or gym access.

With “Training for Acro” I aim to cover your training needs completely and provide you with different options so you will always have something to choose from.

Tudor Sirbu, World Champion Coach with Team England ParaCheer

The journey ahead

Training Phases

Phase 1: Preparation, Assessments, Planning (week 1)

During the first week, we will do the preparation work for the new training plan. This includes collecting info about your existing training routine (if any), your availability to train and access to training equipment.

In order to measure your progress, we need to do some physical assessments both at the beginning and at the end of these 6 weeks.

Also, the results of the tests will help me understand better your fitness level and I will consider that when I will design your training plan. 

Phase 2: Training Implementation, Execution (weeks 2 - 4)

After collecting some information in the first week about your training experience, you will get a customised training plan that can include training with weights or small equipment or only with your bodyweight. Most of the times, the training plan is a combination of all of them.

Depending on how your body responds to training, we will be making small adjustments every week in order to help you progress.

There is no fixed schedule regarding how many hours of training you will do per week or what days you will have to train, as we will plan that together.

Phase 3: Training Refinement, Adjustments (week 5)

In order to develop your strength, flexibility or any other fitness components during your training, you will have to do standard exercises most of the time, especially at the beginning of the plan.

After the first four weeks of training using this plan, we will make some adjustments to it in order to fit your Acro needs even better.

I could say that this phase is the most important one during this 6-week journey because you will learn how to train more specifically to your practice.

For example, if your plan included weightlifting exercises, we will look into refining the way you hold the weight (hand and wrist position) so it will be similar to the position used in Partner Acrobatics for lifting people. 

Phase 4: Progress Evaluation. Further planning (week 6)

During the last week, we will measure your progress using the same physical assessments as in the first week plus some more in case if you want that. 

After we evaluate your progress, I will help you decide about your next training goals and also make some recommendations about how to get there. 

If you decide to continue working together, I will design another training plan, this time based on the new goals. 

The image above is just an example. Each training plan will contain dedicated workouts based on the training modules of your choice.

Take the training with you

“Training for Acro” app

The exercise library contains more than a hundred and forty exercises to chose from in case you want more from your training plan.

The app is available for both Android and Apple handsets.
Optionally, you can access your account using any internet browser.

Home exercises

A selection of body-weight exercises to do at home or when you’re travelling.

Gym exercises

Benefit from all the advantages of training with weights whenever you are in the gym.

Specific exercises

Learn a dozen of Acro specific exercises and revolutionise your training.

Stretching exercises

Achieve more range of motion in the areas you need with simple to follow exercises.

Focus on one or multiple

Training Modules


Looking to have more range of motion?

Our flexibility workouts are easy to follow and soon you’ll be enjoying the “new you”.


Want to learn to move freely and easily?

Develop the ability to control your body in order to move better using our dedicated drills.


Wanna train everywhere with no equipment?

Use our dedicated full-body workouts to make the most out of your training.


Looking to train harder and harder without getting injured?

Sounds too good to be true but it’s actually achievable if you look after your body properly.


Need to recover faster after a recent injury or want to recover properly after an old one?

Restore the function of that joint, get the confidence back and will be no more hesitation during the Acro tricks.


Ready for some strength gains? Great!

Follow different strength gaining protocols and proven weightlifting methods.


Want to workout at home or during holidays?

Your plan will include workouts that can be done with limited or no equipment at all.


Need some help when training with weights?

Learn the basics lifts and variations using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells etc.


Want to have more stability during your poses and in general?

Maintain your balance for longer, either standing or upside down.


Want to move for longer and not feeling tired?

Using dedicated High-Intensity Interval Training workouts you will have more endurance during those long Acro sessions during conventions and festivals.

Select one of our online

Training Packages

All packages include full access to our dedicated “Training for Acro” app.

You can access it using:

  • Smartphone/tablet
  • Internet browser

App features:

  • Workout tracking
  • Progress graphs
  • Direct messaging
  • and many more…

Not sure yet?

Get in touch for a

7 Days Trial access!

Flexible starting date. You can pause and resume your plan anytime. To get the most out of the plan, a six weeks commitment is recommended.


Here are some frequently asked questions…

In case you want to ask about something else, I would be happy to offer you more details.

All you have to do is to drop me a message and I will get back to you.

What's does "Nutritional Guidance" means?

A guide about nutrition that includes some healthy habits, the macronutrients ratio you need based on your training goals and of lastly nutritional timing. 

Do we need to do the nutrition part too?

Not necessary, but will help you achieve faster the results you want. You will learn how to provide your body all the nutrients needed and also, adopt a couple of healthy habits on the way.

What's does "Nutritional Support" means?

Clients who select the Five Modules Pack will not only receive the Nutritional Guide about their nutrition but also support needed to put it into practice.

Is there a diet to follow during this plan?

No. There is no diet to follow but you can use the Nutritional Guidance provided with the Three Modules Pack or Nutritional Support included in the Five Modules Pack.

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